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MUFG Sets Sustainable Finance Goals MUFG Sets Sustainable Finance Goals

MUFG Sets Sustainable Finance Goals

At MUFG, we pursue our management vision as part of our mission as a financial institution to develop lasting relationships from a long-term perspective with both our clients and society to achieve shared sustainable growth. As part of this mission, we are advancing initiatives with goals, including protecting the global environment and promoting human rights.
In May 2019, MUFG set a cumulative total of 20 trillion yen in Sustainable Finance Goals (of this, 8 trillion yen is for the area of environment) between FY2019 and FY2030 to help build a sustainable society and attain the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the provision of financial services to its clients.
At the same time, we revised the MUFG Environmental and Social Policy Framework.


For details, please see the news release “MUFG Sets Sustainable Finance Goals and revises MUFG Environmental and Social Policy Framework”(PDF / 61KB).